Getting your message out

Whatever documentation you have made, it will need to get in the hands of your users – somehow. You may wish to bundle it as one or more files with your software, but then the software should still somehow get out to the users. Or you may wish to seek separate distribution channels for the documentation, just to make sure that it is always available to intended users, who may in fact be different from those who install the software. If you are not delivering software, a printed documentation may be needed in any case – or why not consider making it electronically available instead, or as a supplement?


There is a large amount of printing companies, and you may wish to get into a good and working relationship with a local company. Alternatively, you will find printers of books and other material who can serve you through the internet. We will add some suggestions here along the way. You may wish to consider print-on-demand services, where either you or your customers can order books etc. and these will then be printed specifically for them and shipped directly from the printer.

Electronic publishers

Alternatively to printing on paper, an electronic publishing model could be beneficial for both you and your users – and for the environment, considering that a printed manual often ends up in the bin anyway or may not be available on the spot where it is needed. The electronic version can be easily obtained and deleted without any other trouble than finding out where to get it.