Livet og arbejdet bliver letter med de rigtige værktøjer. Disse kan være sådanne små, ekstra værktøjer, der gør kål på en ellers irriterende tidsrøver, eller de kan være større produkter eller hele systemer, der hjælper til at styre en proces eller sågar tage hånd om alle dine behov.

Vi tilbyder et udvalg af værktøjer – omhyggeligt udvalgte produkter, hvoraf nogle anvendes fra skyen, andre fra din egen computer.

Alle viste priser er uden moms.


BinferDocumentation files under development can be large and, of course, could often benefit from being stored in a place common for those who work with them. But there is an alternative for the unique transfer and for the situations where you simply do not want the file stored at an external server.

Binfer is a low-cost facility that let you send files using an app for Windows, Mac, or Unix – and let the receiver simply download them using a web browser. You can buy a number of GB transfer up-front – one time, no expiry or auto renewals – or you can get an advantageous subscription if you need this service regularly.

Pre-paid 20 GB (4.21 €) or 40 GB (6.75 €)
Subscription, monthly plan 100 GB (8.43 €) or 250 GB (16.88 €)


CorelIllustrations are great in most documentation – especially if you produce something physical that needs to be assembled by the user, like furniture or machines, or needs adjustment, change of spare parts, replacement of wear and tear parts, etc. – and can greatly enhance the user’s experience of your documentation, your product… and you!

One of the most versatile and useful pieces of software for making illustrations is CorelDRAW. It has been around for many years and is particularly good at vector graphics. If your needs are bitmap based, with PaintShop Pro you are home safe for producing whatever graphics is needed. Both are for Windows. CorelCAD for Mac and Windows does a lot more than illustrations, of course, but is highly suitable also for certain documentation purposes.

CoreDRAW Technical Suite 2017 (629.51 €) – Corel DESIGNER, CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition, Corel Font Manager, Corel PowerTRACE, Corel CONNECT, Corel CAPTURE, and a lot more!
PaintShop Pro 2018 (41.68 €) – for photo editing and creative graphics design
CorelCAD 2018 (638.83 €) – 2D drafting and 3D design tools with project collaboration and sharing


Edraw MaxYou most likely want different diagrams and charts in your documentation and Edraw Max Pro for Windows, Mac, and Linux can help you make them! With 280 diagram types and 12,000 vector symbols, you will most likely find everything you need in this program, but even better: you can create your diagrams in minutes through the use of templates and dynamic built-in user guides.

Depending on your needs you may wish to buy a subscription, to be renewed yearly, or a perpetual license with either 1 year or lifetime upgrade guarantee.

Subscription (95 €) – single user, one computer: Mac or Windows
Standard (95 €) – single user, 1 year upgrade guarantee, may be used on two computers: Mac and Windows
Lifetime (229 €) – single user, lifetime upgrade guarantee, includes 1000 MB cloud space, may be used on two computers: Mac, Windows and/or Linux


LeaderTaskPart of getting your documentation under control is to ensure that you have the planned tasks registered and scheduled, the people involved instructed and tasks given to them, and the documents produced stored and backed up. This is exactly what LeaderTask can do for you.

It is software for managers working in an environment where a central control is needed. the software and the data reside on your own computer, making it available also when you are offline, for instance on an airplane. Also offline available you have the mobile app with your project plans. Backups are safely stored in the cloud.

It is also a collaborative tool where each colleage has access to the projects they participate in.

LeaderTask (40 €) – for managing your own projects and time
LeaderTask Company Management (126.59 €) – for the company, includes CRM
LeaderTask Company Management Site License (2,528.49 €)

Reezaa PDF Tools

PDF CombinePDF is an important and very often used file format for documentation. Often you need to create a PDF file, or you get one that you need to edit or correct – or you need to take out a photo from it. Whatever you need to do, Reezaa has a tool for it that will save you lots of time. The tools are for Windows, apart from the last two on the list, which are for Mac.

WinPDFEditor (25.37 €) – does all kinds of editing, erasing, adding text and lines, etc. and saves as a PDF
PDFTiger (25.37 €) – creates PDF documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or txt files, or images. And from PDF files, creates Word, Rich Text, Plain Text, HTML, and Shockwave Flash SWF files, and images
PDFZilla (25.37 €) – from PDF files, creates Word, Rich Text, Plain Text, HTML, and Shockwave Flash SWF files, and images: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF
PDF Combine (25.37 €) – combines two or more PDF files into a single one
PDF Rotator (25.37 €) – lets you rotate a page or page range 90 or 180 degrees in either direction, also in restricted PDF files
PDF OCR (25.37 €) – converts scanned PDFs into editable electronic text. Built-in text editor. Can additionally create PDFs from scanned documents
JPG To PDF (25.37 €) – converts one or more JPG files to a PDF file
PDF Eraser Pro (25.37 €) – deletes and erases text, images, logos, etc. from PDF files and allows for cutting away unneeded pages. It can additionally rotate pages and allow for adding text and images
PDF Editor Mac PRO (25.37 €) – allows for adding text, images, and watermarks to PDFs, changing font properties, etc.
PDF Merger Mac (25.37 €) – combines two or more PDF files into a single one and allows for changing the page sequence

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuiteDocumentation is not only manuals – if your company or your client is running a website, they would want an ongoing reporting of the website’s performance: how is it ranking, how many backlinks exist, have the necessary SEO rules been observed at all pages, stats for social media, etc., as well as technical and SEO auditing reports.

With SEO PowerSuite you can do all this documentation and with the Enterprise edition you have the option to not only export to a large range of formats but also to whitelabel the reports and even set up rules and timers that will generate the reports automatically. The Professional edition has some limitations in comparison and is mostly suited for internal use, while the Enterprise edition is great for consultants and SEO or web agencies.

SEO PowerSuite Professional (299 €)
SEO PowerSuite Enterprise (699 €)

Of course, you can also plan and run the campaigns through this software, and it can do practical thinks like verify the site links and create sitemaps and robots.txt files.


Zemana AntiloggerMake a habit of checking your documentation files for virus and other malware before publishing them or sending them anywhere! Award winning Zemana Doo has a number of tools for this that will leave your files safe and you in control.

These tools do not have any confusing settings – they just work out-of-the-box. And they will work even if you have other antivirus software on the computer. All while you just lean back for a couple of minutes, letting the tools check that you are doing good for your users or customers.

Zemana AntiMalware (from 21.13 €)
Zemana AntiLogger (from 25.37 €)
Zemana Mobile Antivirus Pro (from 12.70 €) – for Android

Other useful tools and services


Depositphotos sampleWhat would a good document be without good illustrations? Your product must of course be the main topic to illustrate but in order to get a pleasant look that appeals to your readers, often additional photos and vectors of a more general nature will help.

The basis of a good photo is… a good photo! Same counts for vector graphics, cliparts, and other illustrations – if you are not making everything yourself from scratch, which could cost you lots of valuable time, you will need a good source for this kind of contents to supplement your texts and product illustrations.

Depositphotos – Royalty-Free Photos and Vectors