Ways of increasing your knowledge

We are happy to help you out with the information you need – at least around the topic of documentation, along with related topics. You may have a wish to find some general information about documentation, in which case our documentation wiki could be a good starting place. Or you want some specific information that we can help create for you through data collection, validation, and documentation; for this you are most welcome to contact us.

However, should you simply have a wish to get a bit wiser in one or another area, try taking a look at the partner links below – they will help you out with useful books and courses.



Alibris: Books, Music, & MoviesImagine a place where you can choose between 150 million books and huge amounts of music and movies. This is Alibris! Provided by a network of independent market place sellers but delivered to you as one easy order through Alibiris, there is a great selection of new titles along with out-of-print and used books.

Among those many titles you will of course find lots of books about writing, publishing, and other topics from the documentation sphere, and you will find them in electronic, print, and audiobook formats.

Alibris: Books, Music, & MoviesAlibris


ApressAs part of the large Springer Verlag publishing company, Apress specialize in technical books – mostly for IT people but often useful for many others as they describe both general principles, technologies, standards, and products – including such products that are useful when working with documentation. This includes for instance data analytics, web development, and graphics, where user experience as such along with various CMS, graphics editors, and analysis tools. All in all more than 2,800 titles of up-to-date and relevant informational books.

Books are in general available at your choice in electronic or printed formats, making it easy and convenient for you to add to your knowledge.

Apress: Alle titles – free shipping worldwide!Apress


eBooks.comTotally dedicated to electronic books, eBooks.com has become the web’s most popular digital book store with the largest range of contemporary ebooks from the world’s leading publishers with prices well below hard copy books.

There is a huge selection of books covering all subjects – all of them available for immediate download.

Computing eBooks
Engineering eBooks
Language and linguistics eBooks
Media eBooks
Technology eBooks


Pearson Education (InformIT)Also known as Pearson Education, InformIT is home to technology publishers like Addison-Wesley Professional, Adobe Press, Cisco Press, IBM Press, Microsoft Press, Pearson Certification, Prentice Hall Professional, QUE Publishing, Sams Publishing, and VMware Press – so here you’ll find a very large selection of technology books, many of them written by the people who created the technologies.

The titles are available in a variety of formats – print, electronic, video, web editions, software, and as practice tests.

InformIT eBook StoreInformIT
InformIT eBook Deal of the DayInformIT
Engineering Resource Center on Informit.comInformIT
Open Source Resource Center on InformIT.comInformIT
Linux/UNIX Resource Center on Informit.comInformIT



CourseraCoursera provides online access to the world’s best education, from partners like Yale, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, and top international universities. The courses are online, mixing videos with text (often academic papers) and practical exercises, and there are a individual courses as well as “specializations” – a series of courses with a common final exam and certification. Additionally, you can now study for an accredited degree or a professional certificate.

Even those that are not university courses in a traditional sense and cannot be used for earning credits towards a university exam, are still designed and provided by universities. This way, you can learn from the best with the purpose of learning. Courses are no longer for free but they are not expensive either and they cover a large range of topics from arts, humanities, engineering, business, social sciences, data science, and more.

Explore 1600+ online courses from top universities. Join Coursera today to learn data science, programming, business strategy, and more.Coursera
Master academic English Writing skills in 5 online courses on Coursera. Enroll today!Coursera
Master Creative Writing from Wesleyan University. Enroll today!Coursera
Learn strategies to create and implement engaging content across media platforms in 5 courses. Enroll today!Coursera
Earn your Business Analytics Certificate from the Wharton School on Coursera. Join now!Coursera
Learn Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University on Coursera. Enroll today!Coursera
Learn to design effective and usable interfaces for a range of products and devices in 5 online courses. Enroll today!Coursera
Learn Interaction Design from UCSD on Coursera. Enroll today!Coursera


UdemyNewYearsCampaign-ENG-125x125A global marketplace for learning and teaching online where more than 15 million students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors. You will not get a diploma, but you will get a good chance to learn something – at your own pace.

You will find a very large selection of courses – all kinds and for all kinds of people! A quick search for “technical writing” revealed 869 courses that had something to do with this topic, but then additionally you can find courses about illustration, about the various tools to be used, etc., so chances are that you will find at least a handful of great courses to teach you the topic you are interested in. And prices are mostly very modest.

Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional WriterUdemy
Writing With Impact: Writing That PersuadesUdemy
Learning Python for Data Analysis and VisualizationUdemy
The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to AdvancedUdemy