Inidox is an IT, services, and consulting company established in Malmö, Sweden, 2017 by Jorgen Winther.


The idea is to provide software and services that will help businesses and professionals get through some of those important writing and communication tasks, which could otherwise end up not getting done at all, getting done at a low level – or indeed would get done but only by being a burdon they you would have preferred to be without.

From the start, Inidox has a focus on software sales and writing and translation services, along with certain data collection and reporting tasks. This is gradually being expanded by the development of our own software and cloud based services. Also, we are open to collaboration within a range of activities covering text, documentation and the development of software and services.


We are proud to be partnering with Bitrix who develops the versatile company system Bitrix24. We can deliver the software itself, subscriptions for a cloud hosted edition, and consulting.

Also, we are affiliate partner of a number of companies through a number of affiliation management services. This means that we will promote software that we do not sell directly but rather refer to an external sales portal for a fee. A modern way of being a reseller, but the basic idea is the same: we promote software and services that we like and can recommend.

Useful info

Company registration

Inidox is registered in Sweden with the company number 681008-5495 and tax registration number SE681008549501.

We are approved for company tax (F-skatt) – a prerequisite for delivering payable services as a company rather than as an individual.

Payment details

Usually, our invoice will tell you about the options but here are some details that could be nice to have at hand.

In general, payments should be made in Swedish kroner, SEK or Euro, EUR, unless otherwise specified on our invoice.


It may be an easy and quick option to use PayPal for some payments. Often the fees will get high for larger payments, but for small bills it fits.

PayPal allows for you to pay by an assortment of credit and debit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard, or to pay from your own PayPal account if you have one.

Please pay to paypal (at) inidox dot com (first change this into an email address). And please do not use this email address for any other purposes.

Main bank SEB (Sweden)

Bank transfer is the most suitable for most payments within Europe. From within Sweden, payment via bank giro will often be a good choice.

Kontonummer: 5513 10 276 91
Iban-nummer: SE4650000000055131027691
Adress: SEB, 106 40 Stockholm
Bankgironummer: 5240-4993


Suitable for payments from outside of Europe.

Please use this option only by specific agreement. We can then provide you with bank account info for a bank in a country that will make the payment go smooth and not be too costly for either of us.