Jörgen Winther


Jörgen Winther

20+ years of business experience from various kinds and levels of positions in software development, automotive, service and support, IT and management consulting, consumer goods, and more.

Writing style

He is quite happy about writing, structuring, creating overviews and giving both broad and detailed explanations – to experts, novices, colleagues, customers, and all others. Basically, he takes a starting point in where the receiver of the written communication is in their understanding of the topic and adds to this in a language that is explaining and instructive.


He writes well in English and Danish, can do work in German and Swedish too, with a little more effort – and can take input from written sources in more languages. Is happy to do translation tasks as well, so if you have a manual in one language and needs an English or Danish version of it, Jørgen is the one to go to.


Due to both a strong interest in learning and continuously developing, and the long experience from different companies in different businesses, Jørgen has worked with a wide range of tools and products for creating documentation. Of course the different Office products are among them, but also wikis, WordPress, raw HTML, drawing and graphics programs like Visio, PaintShop Pro for certain technical drawings and image processing, various project management and case management tools and systems, translation software (CAT) like MemoQ and Smartcat, and a lot more. He quickly gets up to speed with new tools.


Jørgen Winther TM-Town ProfileSpecial knowledge that may be useful in some documentation tasks covers topics like software development, project management, lighting including smart lighting, robotic lawnmowers, motorcycles, printers, scanners, photography, electronics, collaboration tools, ERP and bookkeeping, building materials and home maintenance, investment management, customer satisfaction, technical support, sales, healthcare, biology, food, environment, and more. Like with the tools, Jørgen quickly gets up to speed in new knowledge areas.

Other skills

Apart from writing, Jørgen can do other kinds of work at a professional level, for instance project planning and management, database design and development, reporting and BI, software development, and general management. Whenever such tasks fit into the projects, these skills can be utilised – or you may have dedicated tasks for these areas that you would like us to perform.

Location and availability

Jørgen works from Malmö, Sweden. May be called in for part time work during evenings and weekends (Swedish time), mainly for remote work. If you have a task that doesn’t fit this model, let’s hear about it anyway and we will see what can be done.

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