If you are running a company – or any part of it – you probably need to do a lot of different things. And if you are like most people in this situation, you will be happy to get off-loaded from some of it, in order to better concentrate on the remaining work; your expertise.

Or you simply have an extra workload right now and could need a helping hand at the moment without in general letting go of the tasks.

Inidox offers to take some of the load with regards to various forms of technical documentation. We will keep an eye on the needs of our customers and adjust the scope of our business over time, so you are most welcome to ask for more than you see here – we may be able to help you out.

Current services offered


According to our experience, there is a general need to analyse the situation and then decide on a collection of different types of documentation for different purposes and situations.

Documentation may be for external use by the customers and users of your product – or for internal use, meant for improving maintainability, quality control, etc. – or for a sort of mix between internal and external use in the shape of reports and proofs of various kinds for the authorities and other stakeholders who are not directly using the product.

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Software sales

Life and work gets easier with the right tools. These can be the small extra tools that help eliminate an otherwise annoying time-consumer, or they can be bigger products or full systems that help control a process or even take care of all your needs.

We are offering a selection of tools – carefully selected products of which some reside in the cloud and others on your own computer.

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Data collection and validation

Various situations require the gathering of data from various sources, checking its correctness, calculating and counting, and more – and then delivering the data in files, keyed into a system or whatever fits the situation.


Currently, we can offer to translate text documents, advertising copy, websites, apps, and other kinds of text from mainly Danish, Swedish, English, and German into Danish and English. We can work with technical texts from a large number of businesses and will do what is necessary to select a proper translation for the purpose and to proofread the results.

Subtitles/closed captions

If you have a video, short or long, we can add value to it by creating subtitles. This often goes hand in hand with translations as your video can reach a much larger audience by being multi-lingual through subtitles. Closed captioning may add a dimension of usability by allowing for your audience to watch the movie without sound, which is good both for the hearing impaired and for those watching it in an office environment or similar.

Technical assistance

When setting up a wiki or WordPress site or anything else to be used for your documentation project, for collaboration, or perhaps file sharing – you may find yourself in a situation where you could need help with that. It may be a little or a lot, but in any case we can help.

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You need to know… lots of things, of course, but we will help you find out about documentation and how to work with it. And about the tools involved and related topics. For this we will help you out with various websites, our wiki, our blog, documents, consulting, courses, and books. While we may create much of this ourselves, we also find joy in linking you to great contents that others have made, especially when it comes to courses and books.

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