Seasons in the sun

Seasons in the sun

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Do you remember… when you were a child and made snow angels? You were away from all reason and obligations, just focused on doing this simple thing for a moment. That moment was life while it happened. It was necessary, essential, it was mowing and touching – and it was creating a lasting memory.

Your children

You had your great days as a child, I hope, and you consist today to a large degree of the structure of sensing and feeling that was made then. It built you.

Maybe you now have children of your own?

Do you teach them how to make snow angels, and how to do all other such simple things from which their structure of sensing and feeling can be built? Things that you did as a child, that someone taught you.

Your job

Now you are a business person of some kind. You do serious work and statistics say that if you indeed have a job, if you have work, then you have too much of it! Life is full of big things to do, you most likely never find time to make snow angels anymore. Or any other small things.

In fact, you most likely have a backlog of small and serious things to do that could be quite nice to get done.

Your opportunity

There is a place where you can go with these tasks – have them done by someone who can use this experience for building their structure of business and reason. Beginning people in business, or people who in fact have decided to construct their business lives of such bits and pieces of work. Some of them depend very much on the income, others hope that they can use it as a stepping stone into something more.

Fiverr, it is called. A place for dreamers and for doers.

The place for small jobs and tasks, things you do not have the time or skills to do yourself and where you can get a lot of expertise and enthusiasm and good will for, well, a fiver.

Programming, logo design, sound and vision, whatever you need. Done by talented people.

Try it out – for your own sake, if you wish – or for the sake of those whom you engage with there. Be their business angel who let them do their kinds of snow angels and feel the essence of the structure you yourself consists of.

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