Whenever you wish to tell the world about yourself or your products and services, you will need to enter the world of online marketing. It consists of several activity areas and many possible channels.

Activites include website design and publishing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Reputation Management and Monitoring, omni-channel CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CRM Marketing, and more.

Channels include emails, SMS, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Slack, Instagram, WeChat, and many more. Search engines like Google and Bing can be considered channels as well, and so can your web and chat forms as well as various automated communication through bots. Even the good old telephone and snail mail count as channels for your customer contact.

The more channels you can manage, the more potential customers you can reach. And the more control you have of your activities and communication, as well as the monitoring of results, the better you can maximize the effect of your efforts and know what worked.

There are so many channels and so much to keep under control that you are strongly advised to make use of some of the great software tools and services available for the purpose.

Tools and services


Awario Social Media Monitoring ToolIf you are active in the market you probably wish to know, if you can, how well your brand or brands are being received – and remembered. Are people talking about you? Do you have a proper level of awareness in the market?

Awario is a service that will tell you exactly that! They monitor the web in all languages, analyse, filter, gather evidence and make reports for you to enjoy and benefit from. Awario has several levels of subscriptions, supported by web and mobile tools for you to work with data in a convenient way – and they alert you regularly with a status so that you in fact just need to lean back and enjoy being on top of the knowledge curve.

So Awario is a great supplement to your web presence and SEO activities, allowing you to have a full 360 degrees approach to web-based marketing and publishing.

Bitrix24 CRM and Marketing

Bitrix24 CRMThe versatile company system Bitrix24 is a strong card on your hand when doing online marketing. It handles the traditional CRM such as keeping track of activities and plans regarding your leads, customers, and other contacts, and then additionally it allows you to communicated through many channels from one integrated users interface – meaning, you may for instance chat with a Facebook user and a website visitor in exactly the same manner from your Bitrix24 users interface; the same you use for all other channels and for planning, monitoring, keeping your notes, etc.

It also allows you to run projects and register tasks, be they part of your online marketing or not. And you can do all of your internal and external communication of any kind through Bitrix24, having everything nicely tracked and recorded as needed, thereby bringing you a large part of the way towards the goal of controlling all of your activities, communications, and monitoring.

What else is Bitrix24?

Document management, internal and external communication, project and task management, time management, CRM, telephony – and about 30 other major features for making your company work at a high level! Bitrix24 is not “CRM with some extras” or whatever could be thought of it: the philosophy is to provide many or most of the utilities needed by a company, nicely integrated and tied together in a collaborative intranet plus extranet. All features are valuable by themselves and even more so in combination.

There are several plans to choose from in the cloud, and several self-hosted editions as well, thereby catering for all needs from the smallest to the largest company. If you go for a cloud account, it can be set up in a couple of minutes – for free! You may then upgrade it to a paid plan if you wish, but in any case you start from the free version. The initial domain ending reveals the physical storage of data – .eu is in Europe and .com is in the USA. You can change to your own domain name afterwards if you wish.

Cloud version:
Bitrix24 Free – .eu for European hosting or .com for hosting in the USA
Hint: use a dedicated account owner email address for the registration, as you may need to hand it over during a later upgrade to self-hosted or similar.
Current paid plans include Plus, Standard, Professional, and the special CRM plan. Price range is 39 € / month to 199€ / month for unlimited users! Check out all the features of each cloud plan.
Self-hosted version:
Current editions include Bitrix24.CRM, Business, and Enterprise. One-time cost from as low as 1,490 €. Check out the different on-premise editions and prices.


BuzzBundleWith more than two billion users on Facebook and other huge amounts on other social media, it is no wonder that many advertisers are there too, creating a lot of marketing noise. You need to be good to be seen and heard through this noise and get your message out and noticed. It can be difficult and you can waste lots of money trying to advertise your way ahead, when what you really need is simply to put the message there in the right way.

BuzzBundle is a tool that will help you do exactly that! It monitors Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., as well as blogs, forums and Q&A sites. This is done in the background, allowing you to always look at the fresh data in real-time. Mentions can easily be prioritized in order to let you pay attention first to industry influencers.

BuzzBundle is like being online 24/7: it can post news for you and you can schedule messages to any of your social profiles, from one convenient dashboard. It can handle several users accounts simultaneously, thereby allowing you to act and post on behalf of various people in your organisation, for instance. Write once, publish anywhere! No need to spend long hours creating same contents several times for the different platforms.

Engage directly with people who show interest in a product or service like yours – being there, engaging with them, may be just what they need to churn. You’ll have campaigns, reporting, keyword research and a lot more as well – have a look at all the features and download the free edition by following the link.

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SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuiteDocumentation is not only manuals – if your company or your client is running a website, they would want an ongoing reporting of the website’s performance: how is it ranking, how many backlinks exist, have the necessary SEO rules been observed at all pages, stats for social media, etc., as well as technical and SEO auditing reports.

With SEO PowerSuite you can do all this documentation and with the Enterprise edition you have the option to not only export to a large range of formats but also to whitelabel the reports and even set up rules and timers that will generate the reports automatically. The Professional edition has some limitations in comparison and is mostly suited for internal use, while the Enterprise edition is great for consultants and SEO or web agencies.

SEO PowerSuite Professional (299 €)
SEO PowerSuite Enterprise (699 €)

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Of course, you can also plan and run the campaigns through this software, and it can do practical things like verify the site links and create sitemaps and robots.txt files.