Information gathering

Information gathering

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Have you ever thought about the fact that your company most likely possesses tons of useful information, ready to be picked up from the ground and made useful?

Information may not seem to be a valuable asset now-a-days, having the internet flowing over with it, spamming your email inbox, being given away as free e-books, etc. – it is like if we would rather prefer to get rid of some of it than dig for more.

Information is valuable

However, at the same time, you most likely live from the information you have: which customers you have and if they are paying their bills, for instance, are useful pieces of information, and so is knowledge of the products you sell and how these are used in real life, which additional potential they have, and who else might need them – how can you expand your market.

Throughout the history of IT, information has mostly been hidden deep within production systems of different kinds, allowing for only standard reports to be displayed, showing some of the information in some forms. At some point in time, reporting and business intelligence showed up, adding the possibility to show more of your data as useful information. Certainly not bad but what if you would need some information that is simply not there in your systems?

Maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about what information you need and what you have – and how to get what you need!

Gathering information

Inidox is ready to help you out on this – we already do data collection and information gathering for others, and we can do so for you too. Be it in a physical way, going out there in the streets to observe and register, or be it in a more subtle way through arranging the correct system for your collection through processes or as special data collection.

A great starting point for any information gathering process is to consider what you would like to do and what you would need to know in order to do it. Part of this process is often to seek inspiration and increase your knowledge about what you want and where to look for it, and for this purpose, books and courses are absolutely great! We suggest looking at our list of good sources.

Making use of good tools

A next step is then often to look for a tool to help you making your wishes come true. Here, the options are many and what to choose depends on your needs – could be a tool for collecting information about your website’s performance – its ranking, social media statistics, SEO, etc. – such a tool you’ll find in the SEO PowerSuite, available in Professional or Enterprise editions. Or a versatile tool for arranging your collaboration, track your projects and care about your customers, which you find in Bitrix24 – try it out by creating a free Bitrix24 account in the cloud, allowing for 12 users to start using the system right away.

We have more tools for you and we are always happy to enter a talk about your needs.


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