Do you still read books?

Do you still read books?

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I heard from colleagues several years ago in the company I worked for then that “at the time you have reached the age of 30 you have read the books you should read”.

Well, to me that was pure nonsense – I read books and I know many others above 30 who read books. But how about you?

You may read printed books or e-books – they usually contain the same words and illustrations but give a different feeling and different opportunities. E-books are really great for searching and for keeping on your mobile phone or tablet computer – always having them available when you have the time to read a bit or need to look up something. Paper books, on the other hand, can be used when having a rest from all the electronics – and you can make notes in them, bookmarks and stickers, whatever you want.

The publisher Apress delivers both kinds, and you will find that there are lots of interesting titles to learn from and dive deep into. And now, for a limited time, you can get a special offer on everything on their electronic shelves, to be read directly on the web – the Apress Access subscription. Check it out – if you read more than a few books a year, this will save you money. And with it, you are likely to read even more and make the most effective use of this huge source of knowledge that you can buy access to for small money.