Smart and useful

Could you imagine working smarter with better results and less waste of time – and even then with a higher level of quality and documentation, more control of details, and sharing your work and results easily with your colleagues?

This is all possible with Bitrix24!


Social Network

Social Intranet
Share your way to success

Collaborate by sharing, like you know it from social media. But there is more to it: also status from tasks and CRM will be displayed in your activity stream for your convenience – this way it is easy to get a quick overview of what happened since your last logon.

Tasks & Projects

Tasks & ProjectsDo your work smarter

We all have tasks to do and to most of us it makes sense to try organising the tasks into lists that we can then check off when done – or where we can add additional notes – and maybe invite colleagues to participate?

Tasks can be arranges in projects or workgroups, they can be set up in a dependency scheme and view through a GANNT or a Kanban graphical overview, and in fact, you will find all the advanced project management features that you ever wanted.

Depending on edition, you may even invite external parties to participate in your projects – could be vendors, freelancers, or customers, for instance. They can then see the project with tasks, calendars, etc. and the people involved with it – but not the rest of your data.

Everything can be interconnected in Bitrix24, so you can of course have tasks that originate from a deal in the CRM and then is added to a project as well.

Chat & Video

Chat & VideoQuick and visible communication


DocumentsCreate and collaborate with search and history


Bitrix24 DriveStore, sync, share – and benefit


CalendarsPlan, inform and coordinate


MailGood old emails are still going strong!


Bitrix24 CRMNever miss an opportunity, never let down a customer


Bitrix24 ClientsOmni-channel customer service

Your customers a everywhere – both literally, so that you will need to be contactable by them from many different locations, but also in the sense of being on and preferring various different platforms: making it necessary for you to be there as well.

However, monitoring various social media, emails, websites, etc. can be a hurdle – or you can use Bitrix24 where all communication goes from and to one place, your place! No matter the channel, info about the communication will be recorded and you can answer or call/write out from Bitrix24, getting a nice total overview of all communications with each customer.

Advanced yet easy to use tool for creating web forms and website widgets allow for you to catch the attention – and the contact request – interactively. This reduces or eliminates the risk of loosing a potential customer’s attention and, hence, increases conversions and the general understanding of you as a good and serious business partner.


TelephonyIntegrated, automated, cheap and flexible


HRThe structural basis – permissions and procedures


Bitrix24 MobileStay connected


SitesIntegrated – sites, analytics, advertising


Do more with Bitrix24Over 35 tools

Bitrix24 editions

Depending on your needs, you may wish to use a few or a lot of the features and you may wish to get started and going with as little administration as possible or with as much flexibility as possible. Also, you may work with sales and marketing, or you may work with task and project management or with administrative tasks.

Bitrix24 in fact handles all of it, supporting almost all functions in the office space, and it is suitable for companies and organisations of just about any size, to be used as the general collaboration and knowledge sharing platform as well as the place to get your work done.

You can choose from a wide range of editions, knowing that you can always upgrade when needed. The smallest edition is fully functional for small companies and offers a lot of features you will not find for free anywhere else – and the larger editions are quite inexpensive as well, especially when considering that all cloud editions allow for unlimited users; the price is per installation, not per user!

Cloud or on-premise/self-hosted

First choise to make is between a cloud edition or a self-hosted edition. Alle the usual considerations should be made here, but take into account too that you get the source code with the self-hosted editions – allowing you to adapt the system to your specific needs. Also, some features are available in the self-hosted editions only, and if you are going to scale your setup to thousands of users, you will like their comprehensive administration tools.

But then again: you can start in the cloud and then migrate fairly easily later to your own server. So if there should be any doubt about the needs and the scope, just get a free version, have a look at it and perhaps upgrade it to the most suitable cloud edition before inviting your colleagues to become users. Then, as you learn how this all works for your organisation, you can start planning for a migration.

Additional info

Inidox is a partner of Bitrix, Inc. who develops and distributes Bitrix24 across the world apart from a number of countries, which then also makes it impossible for us to resell Bitrix24 licenses to these countries:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Moldova
  • Russia
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

Bitrix24 is available in the above mentioned countries through OOO “1C-Bitrix” (